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Put an end to wasteful lesson planning and scavenging endlessly for inferior, ineffective teaching materials on the internet!

Dear ESL teacher,

Scrounging around day in and day out all over the internet for worksheets, lesson plans, games and activities to occupy your classes is a knuckle biting, hair pulling, teeth clenching ritual that takes up needless amounts of your own personal time, isn’t it?

If you’re like almost any other ESL teacher, then spending large chunks of your time and energy trying to pull something off the net to teach in class is something you’d rather not have to do at all.

What’s more, most of the stuff out there is only good for time fillers and once off lessons.

This means that teachers have to continuously scavenge around for things to print and teach. Unfortunately this is both a waste of your time as a teacher and it’s utterly ineffective for your students.

Handing out a one page worksheet or word search puzzle is great from time to time to keep the little guys quiet, but any teacher worth their salt will admit that this strategy will only work a handful of times before it becomes tedious, ineffective and redundant.

So you’re back at square one, lesson planning and scrounging for stuff to teach online, or even worse, painstakingly making your own teaching materials by hand

Why make life more difficult for yourself?

Teaching English as a second language to young learners can fast become a living, breathing nightmare of screaming, out of control and disinterested students, unhappy and complaining bosses, and fed-up, frustrated parents.

Spending innumerable hours trying to come up with lesson plans that engage, entertain and educate your students is a major cause of a lot of unnecessary and unwanted headaches.

We’ve encountered scores of fed-up ESL teachers who end up hating everything about their stay in their country of choice purely because their situation at work is so dismal. Our mission is to ensure that you do not become one of them!

Why spend seemingly countless hours of ungratified slog at the computer compiling and creating lesson plans and teaching materials from a motley array of websites, only to have them wasted in class on an inattentive, chaotic horde of screeching kiddies?

The #1 cause of chaotic and ineffective English lessons is the use of ineffective, irrelevant and boring teaching materials

The #2 cause of chaotic and ineffective English lessons is the poor presentation and pace of progression through these materials by the ESL teacher. This is purely because…

The materials available are often not comprehensive enough and do not cover enough speaking, writing and reading exercises dealing with the target vocabulary and phrases.

What’s more there is NO means of testing and evaluation.

When young learners are not able to relate to, interact with and use what is being taught they very, very quickly switch off and go into chaos mode! When this happens your role as English teacher transforms into the role of `Glorified Babysitter!`

The BIG secret!

The secret to an effortless and enjoyable ESL classroom experience is engaging your students with materials which are -
Easy to relate to
Empowering - provide them with progressive English phrases, vocabulary and conversation strategies

And all of this has to be done at their pace, on their terms and in a way which is fun for THEM

The road to teaching Hell!


Here are the 3 biggest ESL teaching pitfalls…and how to avoid them!


Most ESL teachers are not trained as English teachers, have never set foot inside a classroom in the capacity as a teacher and to be perfectly honest, don’t have a clue how or what to teach! They’re just thrown in the deep end and told to have at it! Which is why we have created Monkeyface-ESL – The most comprehensive ‘go to’ resource for teachers of young ESL learners!

Pitfall #1 – Being unprepared: Walk into an ESL classroom full of young, boisterous energy-pumped students with no plan and nothing to teach = out of control madness, shouting matches (which you will lose because the kids won’t know what you’re saying anyway – Remember, you’re their English teacher!!!!) and a whole lot of headaches, stress and strife you don’t want or need!

The Monkeyface-ESL Sidestep: Have a lesson plan and the materials to carry it out for the entire duration of the class! When the students’ energy & attention is directed at the lesson and the materials and not at going bananas, then you have control and a stress-free, enjoyable teaching experience.

Pitfall #2 – Taking the D.I.Y approach to lesson planning and materials making: Students do not care if what you give them took you forever to prepare and make! So many teachers end up feeling wronged and hard done by because ‘all their hard work was for nothing!’

The Monkeyface-ESL sidestep: Let the professionals do it all for you!It makes a whole lot more sense to use lesson plans and materials that have been tried and tested, that the kids love, and that won’t eat into your free time to make, doesn’t it? This way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – You free up loads more of your time, you can teach with confidence and ease of mind, and you will be rewarded by the growth of speaking ability of your students and not by their praise (which will not be forthcoming) of how grateful they are for all your hard work spent creating their worksheets and other materials!

Pitfall # 3 – teaching irrelevant, incongruent materials that were pulled off the internet at the last minute: Kids aren’t dumb and they know when they are being taught rubbish! They get lost and stop learning when there is no congruency or progression with materials.
Also, when what is taught is irrelevant and has to practical value to the students, they lose interest and motivation very fast! When this happens they switch over to mayhem mode and the class rapidly becomes un-teachable.

The Monkeyface-esl sidestep: - teach a system of congruent, relevant and progressive materials:
When the kids progress through a systemized, replicable and relevant series of materials they gain confidence, their learning becomes structured and they feel familiar with the materials, their teacher and themselves as English speakers. When they are taught relevant English they use it whenever and wherever they can and the payoffs are immediate for both them and the teacher!

So, If you don’t want to join the majority of disgruntled, struggling, and embittered ESL teachers (and there are many – Just visit a few of the online forums and see for yourself!) then Monkeyface-ESL is your ticket to a life of effortless, effective and easy English teaching!

The choice is a simple one really!

Have ALL your lesson planning and materials prep done for you, or you can trudge on down to teaching hell where you will enjoy some or all of the following…

Struggling through class desperately coming up with new ways to keep the kids engaged and under control
A breakdown in discipline and learning whereby the students fast evolve into a horde of screeching, hyped-up,
out of control kiddies!
Losing all control in the classroom!
Shouting matches
Complaints from parents, co-workers and the boss!
Going to work every single day feeling unmotivated, pissed off and just wanting the day to end and the time
to be up!
Becoming a glorified babysitter instead of a valued and respected English teacher!

Who said teaching had to be hard work?
Work smarter… Play harder!

With over 1,500 high-quality worksheets, awesome fold and teach flashcards, puzzles, games, activities, tests and teachers guides which lead you step by step through your classes, you’ll never have to worry about what or how to teach ever again!

We at Monkeyface-esl have thrown our combined experience of 14 years teaching in the ESL trenches to put together the ultimate solution for the ESL teacher who is looking to free up a whole lot more time for themselves

We have managed to create a printable ESL syllabus of kick ass ESL materials and supplementary materials which practically eliminates the need to scrounge around for hours on end for something worthwhile to teach!

Plus we ensure that your time in the classroom will be stress-free and rewarding when teaching Monkeyface-ESL materials.

Your students will interact and participate 100% with the materials and with you in a fun-filled, controlled and educational way!

Here it is in a nutshell!

Introducing the Monkeyface-esl printable syllabus for teachers of young learners - Over 1,500 printable, fully comprehensive, tried and tested, high-quality worksheets, flashcards, puzzles, games and activities!

Here’s what signing up to Monkeyface-ESL will do for you -

Eliminate lesson planning
Ensure you never spend another minute wasting your time scrounging around on the web for something to teach
Give you loads more free time.
Place thousands of pages of tried and tested ESL teaching materials at your fingertips
Give you an effortless, stress free teaching experience
Give you ALL the control in the classroom
Help you to earn the respect and admiration of your students
Transform yourself into a valuable asset to any ESL employer
Ensure that you leave each class with a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment
Guide you step by step through your lessons and introduce you to the most effective, teaching tips and strategies to use in class!
Create tons more of your most valuable commodity – TIME. Way less time spent on lesson planning and hunting for materials to teach = Way more time doing the things you love doing
Give you TONS of free bonus materials!
Introduce you to a life of effortless English teaching!


Think of it this way...

If a seasoned and highly experienced ESL teacher walked up to you right now and offered to do all of your lesson planning for the entire year, and then opened up a briefcase full of lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards, games and activities – enough to see you through 365 days of teaching without having to ever prepare another lesson or hunt for even one more printable page on the internet, and offered it all to you for under $200.00, wouldn’t it make a whole lot of sense to take it?

Think about it…

ALL your lesson planning taken care of
All your materials in one place whenever and wherever you need them
More teaching aides, flashcards, games and activities you can shake a stick at
All the coaching materials you will ever need on how to conduct your classes using tried and tested teaching strategies that actually work!
NO MORE hunting around for something to teach at the last minute
NO MORE walking into class unprepared
NO MORE ‘what am I going to teach today?’ headaches!

This leaves you to do what you WANT to be doing rather than what you HAVE to be doing!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for the Monkeyface-ESL teaching solution!

Let’ just take a peek at what you’re being offered here besides the intangible benefits

You get the Monkeyeface-ESL core printable syllabus: Four progressive, specially suited level courses for young ESL learners.

Level 1 (Easy Peasy for beginners) includes over 395 pages of ready to go, printable materials!!!  
15 Full Units
Everything you need to teach at a push of a button. It does not get any better.
Login --> Select --> Print --> Teach --> Enjoy


Level 2 (Basic Babble - beginners) includes over 418 pages of ready to go, printable materials!!!  
15 Full Units
Plus 1 Bonus unit
Everything you need to teach at a push of a button. It does not get any better.
Login --> Select --> Print --> Teach --> Enjoy


Level 3 (Getting Good - intermediate) includes over 314 pages of ready to go, printable materials!!!  
15 Full Units
Everything you need to teach at a push of a button. It does not get any better.
Login --> Select --> Print --> Teach --> Enjoy


Level 4 (ESL Master - Advanced) includes over 339 pages of ready to go, printable materials!!!  
15 Full Units
Everything you need to teach at a push of a button. It does not get any better.
Login --> Select --> Print --> Teach --> Enjoy

Over 1466 pages of fantastic teaching materials for all levels.

And this doesn’t even include the hundreds of pages of Bonus Materials you’ll get absolutely FREE when you sign up

You never need to plan a lesson again!

"What are you going to do with all that that spare time?"


]Each level includes its own teacher’s guide which will lead you step by step through your classes. The teacher’s guides are packed with all the ‘gorilla’ tactics to ensure your classes are highly effective, enjoyable and controlled!

Monkey Business!

Look, we know how hard ESL teachers work for their money! I mean we have been doing it for a combined 14 years on the trot!!!

There is nothing else on the market that even comes close to offering you what Monkeyface-ESL is offering!

Why the finance guys said we’re off our rockers!!

Our finance guys told us that we should look to sell the complete package for over $100.00!!!!
They shook their heads amidst chirps of "You guys are crazy!" when we said we wanted to ask at least half that possibly even less!

I mean our goal is to provide a service and product that ensures a life of Effortless English teaching and doesn’t bankrupt you in one foul swoop!They gave up on us when we told them that we were also going to throw in two incredible bonuses worth over $ 60 for FREE

We planned to launch the entire Monkeyface-ESL syllabus for just $47.00!! Which is a great deal for everything that you will be getting, but we have been able to cut the price even further and are offering it to you for a price that has made our Finance guys pretty darn upset!

Before we reveal the incredible offer take a look at what we`re throwing into the mix for you, absolutely FREE!

BIG BANANA BONUS #1 (worth $32.00) - FREE
- Power Word-Search Pack

Over 150 printable pages of word-search puzzles

gap fill exercises


vocabulary exercises

These Bonus materials will keep your students occupied for many, many hours on end!


BIG BANANA BONUS #12 (worth $28.00) - FREE
- Greeting Cards
101 themed, colour and create greeting cards

You’ll have every special event covered and your kids will love the chance to get creative and make worthwhile cards for their friends, teachers and family!

They work like a charm every time !


It’s super easy to get started! Limited time offer

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Here’s what you need to do to access your life of Effortless English teaching

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Love it or it’s free !

We proudly stand behind our product because we know that Monkeyface ESL does exactly what we’ve said it does.

We use the materials every day and it makes our lives so much easier and enjoyable. We know that you will love using the monkeyface-ESL materials and if you don’t then we don’t want you to pay for them.

Here is the Guarantee:

Try out the monkeyface-ESL products for 60 days and if you don’t enjoy them for any reason simply contact us for a full refund.

From ,
The Monkeyface-ESL Team



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We look forward to seeing you on the other side, where you’re free to be doing what you want to be doing with your time and not what you would otherwise have to be doing, preparing for classes and wasting your time scrounging around for something to teach!

Life’s good when all your lesson planning is done for you, all your materials are ready and waiting, and all you have to do is click, print and teach!

Yours in effortless English teaching, The Monkeyface-ESL team!

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